Jayden’s 100 word challenge

One day a mad scientist called Mike made an ice cream potion that went wrong, but he still drank it. It turned him into a humungous crazy ice cream monster that was blue with ice cream inside, but this was no ordinary ice cream… It was man eating ice cream that was going to take over the world. It started to rampage furiously through the city. A boy called Zack who was 18 went to the army and grabbed a shot gun from them and some grenades to try and kill the ice cream monster. BANG! BANG! BOOM! BOOM! The ice cream monster was dead it fell on the floor and made a mini earthquake then started melting.

Josh S 100 word challenge

Jim the curious boy looked at the ice cream curiously, he was in the great national museum of history. In there was a bright pink coloured, extremely tasty looking ice cream but this was no ordinary ice cream. It had the power to destroy the world! Anxious to hold it, Jim leaned towards it slowly and that moment the ground starting shaking…Jim could feel his brown hair and purple t-shirt shaking and that moment the small ice cream turned into a terrifying monster! The monster terrorised London but this time it was the hottest summer in the UK so the terrifying monster got melted in the blazing sunlight!

Why isn’t karate in the olympics?

I think karate should be in the Olympics because it helps build up your muscles and it helps you in self defence if someone try’s to attack you. The best thing about karate is that you have got to belive in yourself to grade but if you do not get to grade don’t blame anyone but yourself because you might not have tried your best.

Olivia’s 100 word challenge

I think school is important because of the education. It helps you to get a good job, if you didn’t go to school you wouldn’t be able to read, write and talk etc. In school there are loads of subjects such as: Numeracy, Literacy, Science, PE, History and many more.

School is a great chance to learn new things that will help you in life, for example: if you are in a shop or restaurant and they say it is a special offer, use maths, is it really  a special offer? Clever.

In conclusion, school is extremely important you must go.


Emily’s 100 word challenge

School is a very important place, without it you wouldn’t be able to count to three or if I didn’t go to school I wouldn’t have known how to write this! When you go to school you learn many subjects such as literacy, maths, art and history.Interesting. But if no one went to school you wouldn’t be able to do these four things or you wouldn’t have been able to read this…

School gives you a good education which can lead to a good job, whereas if you didn’t you would be stuck at home watching television and only getting benefits.

In conclusion, school is very very important and you must go.

Darcie’s 100 word challenge

School is a very important place. Special. You must go everyday or try your best. I dont think that it is fair to live in a coutry where you can’t, or have to pay to, go to school. Not working hard at school can get you nowhere in life! You only have one chance at school so use it wisely.Try. School is important? Try your very best!

If you didn’t go to school then you wouldn’t be able to:

Read, write or talk and I wouldn’t be able to write this, nor would you be able to read it!

You should try your best.

Amelia’s 100 word challenge.

I think that school is important because…

It can help you get a good job. If you like art, you could be an artist. Creative!

If you don’t work hard at school then you won’t get a good job or education. What would you rather do? Have a good job and education, or be sat in a lorry all day driving around the country?!

You only have one chance at school so don’t waste it.

School is a great chance to learn new things that can help you when you grow up.

In conclusion, school is extremely important and can help you.

Alice’s 100 word challenge

Charlie had a horse her horse was called Topsy. But Topsy was pregnant! Topsy was two weeks away from having her foal. So Charlie made up a giant puffy bed for Topsy to lay on. Yawning, Charlie went home for the night and in the morning Charlie went to the stables and herd an alarming noise “neigh!!!” The noise was terrifying, but Charlie had to find out what it was. It was Topsy she has had her foal ! They named the foal Bubbles. Bubbles was a bay colour with brown eyes. Warm as toast, and as welcoming as a grandma, the stables were a perfect place for bringing this new life into the world. The stables smelt of horses and it also smelt of feed.

Charlie H’s 100 word challenge

The lippy Alicia, had a sleepover with 5 of her mates. They were called Lilly, Sophia, Chloe, Sophie and Amy. Alicia was obsessed with pink so she had all of her bedroom pink. Alicia’s mum and dad were next door and it was 10:00pm. Giggling and unable to help himself Alicia’s dad rumbled out the biggest trump I have ever heard! “eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww!” The noise was terrifiying but the smell was even worse! Alicia’s parents HAD a cream wallpaper and NOW they have got a brown wallpaper. Whistling merrily Alicia’s dad didn’t notice the wallpaper. All of the gang went home because they flipped their biscuits!

Jasmin’s 100 word challenge

Long ago there was a girl called Mia she had a sister called Jasmin. One day they went out to a lovely flower shop, the flowers smelt wonderful. Their friends Brooke and Natalie shouted “Jasmin! Mia!” so Jasmin and Mia went over to them. Randomly Brooke asked “do you want to have a sleepover tonight at my house?” Mia replied ” ok fine I need to get my clothes and my toothbrush I will be 3 minuites”. Jasmin said “I need to do the same”. Three minutes later the girls all went to bed, it was 10 oclock  but by the timethey fell to sleep it was 11. Natalie woke up and said “whats that noise?!” the noise was terrifying but ….Natalie went to look. She did not return…